Parish Organist Celebrates Milestone Year

Prescot Parish Church’s organist celebrates an impressive 40 years in the post this year.

Tim Hall has been making music at the Church of St Mary the Blessed Virgin since 1979. Such is his passion for music that he retired early from a career in teaching to pursue organ-playing as both personal pleasure and a part-time profession.

Choir director David Kernick said: “Visiting musicians have been known to describe our beautiful Compton organ as one of the finest in traditional Lancashire, but we are doubly blessed to have our instrument complemented by an excellent organist.

“Tim has been a valuable member of our choir team, not only accompanying the worship, but also taking a leading role in the choir’s vocal training.

“On behalf of the choir, I’d like to thank him for his dedication over the decades – and here’s to many years more of melody-making!”

You can hear Tim Hall live at Parish Musicians in Concert, on Friday 27 September 2019, from 7pm to 8.15pm in Prescot Parish Church. A varied programme of classical, sacred and popular music – from Mendelssohn and Vivaldi to Elton John and our own Robert Howard – is followed by cake and wine, included in the £5 ticket price (on the door).