Update on Safety at St Mary’s

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 19 July, you will not have to book to attend services at Prescot Parish Church.

The lifting of Covid restrictions in England will come as a relief to some people and a cause of anxiety to others, and in the coming weeks the PCC will be discussing how best to resume church groups, refreshments after services and other activities in a way that is safe and sensitive to everybody.

For now, please observe the following practical precautions when you attend a service at St Mary’s:

  • Scan yourself in using the QR code on the door if you have the NHS Track & Trace app
  • Sanitise your hands, wear a mask & maintain social distancing on entering and exiting the building, as well as during Holy Communion
  • Please stay in your place during the Peace, & greet others with a nod or a bow rather than physical touch
  • Wait to be directed to the altar if you wish to take Holy Communion
  • Be mindful of others

We continue to administer Communion in one kind only (the bread/wafer), and we await further guidance from the Church of England on matters such as congregational singing.

Please don’t hesitate to speak to Kim, a warden or a sidesperson if you have any concerns about attending church after the lifting of restrictions nationally. We will do all we can to seat you in a place where you feel comfortable and safe.

Also note that livestreaming of our worship is here to stay. We recognise that inviting others to join us online is not a luxury or an ‘optional extra.’ It is a vital way of including everyone in the life and worship of Prescot Parish Church, especially those of us who, pandemic or no pandemic, are unable to attend in person, due to distance, disability, physical or mental illness, family and work commitments or other circumstances. The 10am Sung Eucharist is broadcast live to Facebook every Sunday, and you are welcome to worship with us. You do not need a Facebook account simply to view or listen.